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OpenBSD 4.6 up to errata 10 is made


I've updated OpenBSD to errata no. 10.



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Haiku-os alpha1

Screenshot of my haiku-os alpha1 install running under virtualbox on Macbook Pro.



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email attachments from the command line

Handy dandy tip and something I'm posting because I routinely forget how to do - email yourself an attachment.

If you have a file you want to send (any file binary or otherwise) you just use the uuencode command.

uuencode filename1 filename2 | mail -s subject your@address

where filename1 is the name of a local file, and filename2 is the name you want to give to the attachment (these can be the same).

If you are running a script and want to send the output of the script you'd do that like so:

./ | uuencode filename.txt | mail -s subject your@address

This was tested on OpenBSD, MacOS X, and CentOS. Though on CentOS I had to install the sharutils package in order to get uuencode.


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Slashdot (useful) stupid unix tricks #5 - job control

Now, if you are unfamiliar with ctrl-z bg/fg etc.. you need to learn those.  but the most interesting thing I learned was about the disown command.


linkslice-4:~ Bryan$ /usr/libexec/locate.updatedb &

linkslice-4:~ Bryan$ disown %%

linkslice-4:~ Bryan$ exit

Then in another shell note that it's still running.





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Space Rogue on Hackers


Interesting take on the old L0pht, symantec etc from one of the grand-daddies of the 90's era.



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